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Coppicing is a traditional method of woodland management in which young tree stems are cut down to near ground level. In subsequent years, many new shoots emerge and after a number of years the new wood is ready to be harvested again.

In Southern Britain, coppice was traditionally hazel, hornbeam, beech, ash or oak, grown amongst oak or sometimes ash or beech standards. In wet areas alder and willows were used. The only remaining large-scale commercial coppice crop in the area is sweet chestnut, which is grown in parts of East Sussex and Kent.

At Rother Forestry, our primary source of timber and logs comes from our coppicing activities. We work with sustainable woodland and use low impact felling and harvesting techniques. This enables us to ensure that we create as little impact on the environment as possible, while ensuring that the woodland areas in which we work are kept in good order and capable of providing timber for many years to come.

Woodland Management

We offer a range of woodland services, from one-off clearing and maintenance projects to longer term year-on-year woodland management. We also offer a tree planting service from single specimens to entire woodlands.


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